Weekly competition #767 - 'Heritage.' Competition

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Closing Date: 22/05/2022
Judge: davidtrout

The heritage sector has been a thriving part of our leisure industry for many years and interest seems to be on the increase. Stately homes, castles, cathedrals, museums, canals. steam railways, historical structures such as bridges, classic cars and aircraft, attract thousands, perhaps millions of of visitors. The subject covers a rich source of photographic material. Give us your take on the subject . I'm hoping for a wide range of interpretations from our Pentax users. Deadline for entries is Sunday Midnight May 22. Cameras used must be Pentax or closely related clones but lens choice is down to the photographers.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 23/05/2022 - 00:13
Weekly competition # 767: Heritage
Its been a delight to view these entries and to enjoy the wide choice you've presented on the theme of 'Heritage.'

Shades of Green by John Riley
The vibrant green paint work is an immediate eye catcher and makes this an excellent competition entry. Wheels, especially those dating back to industrial revolution days, often had artistic design which elevated them from pure functional purpose into aesthetic realms. Here John has taken his picture from an oblique angle which suits the subject and clearly displays complex iron work skills.

Royalty by Perspicador
An excellent idea as royalty is a key element in our appreciation of heritage. I assume this car, with the royal personage within, came sweeping past giving you little time to compose or get the focus to lock onto the subject. Pity because we can't see who the royal family member is. But a good try.

Sheffield Directories and Tools by garethjmorgan
The skills used by table top photographers are put to good use with a fine compositional touch. The engineering manuals make interesting viewing and the hand plane usefully underlines Sheffield's industrial heritage.

Duchess of Hamilton by PRYorkshire
I wondered if any steam train pictures would appear. Good. One of my favourite photographic subjects. The Duchess Class loco, dating from the 1930s, is working hard judging by the detailed plume of exhaust steam which dominates the otherwise apparently featureless sky and its movement has been well frozen to create a sharp image. The train is rather closely cropped to the right of the frame.

Windmill by MHOL 190246
Windmills are certainly part of our heritage, especially in East Anglia and other low lying parts of the world where they were for centuries, and possibly still are, engaged in land reclamation from the sea as well as grinding corn. This is an attractive image depicting an historic industry which is now also a tourist attraction.

Old English Shire Horses by Vic Cross
Lovely colourful picture of these fine horses and cart , filling the frame with exquisite detail. The driver appears to have his eyes closed but no doubt the horses know exactly where they are going.
Memorial by Takuman
'A promise honoured' says the engraving on this poignant memorial. Presenting it as a mono photograph emphasises the message and gives us yet another creative variation on the theme of heritage .

Steam Driven Boat by loadoftripe
Restoring old machinery such a steam locomotives vintage cars and boats is yet another way of celebrating our heritage and this picture fulfills the brief of the competition
perfectly. I love that little steam boat with its vertical boiler and simple funnel.

1940s Day by Sue Riley
Re-enactments are extremely popular, the participants spending much time and cash in creating authentic historical costumes while visiting audiences just love the experience, especially the photographers. This is yet another fine interpretation and different approach to this week's topic. An interesting photograph into the bargain.
Watcher of the dawn by Noelcmn
This beautiful sunset image celebrates the heritage of South Africa's Port Elizabeth with a heritage centre and trail that highlight it's historic links with early settlers and connections with hero Nelson Mandella. Three dominant silhouettes emphasise the message and give the picture an excellent composition.
Thames barge by Retsoor
I love this peaceful scene of a calm Thames Estuary and lovely old sailing barge.The colour is so relaxing and reflection on the calm surface is pure delight. Heritage indeed, these boats worked the Thames area for more than a century and thankfully quite a few have been saved for posterity by lovers of tradition.

Bessemer convertor by Jofford
These massive vessels were used in the steel industry to convert iron into steel by blasting oxygen through the molten metal to burn out impurities. An awe inpsiring experience to view at close, but safely distanced quarters. They did in Sheffield and in Consett where I lived from the age of 10 until my mid 20s. This looks impressive as well as massive in a mono photograph.

1 Noelcmn 'Watcher of the dawn'
2 Retsoor 'Thames barge'
3 Sue Riley '1940s Day.
All the others should be considered as 'commended' for their fine photography or wide ranging interpretations.


Link Posted 23/05/2022 - 09:10
And to think I was vacillating about which image I should submit, and then it goes and wins the challenge. Surprising but honored, and rewarding too, seeing that I got up quite early on that July morning (that's mid-winter) specifically to capture a sunrise over Algoa Bay from that Donkin Reserve. Thank you David, for a wonderful challenge, which certainly got me thinking about my heritage, for the C&C's. A challenge that attracted some very interesting submissions. Congrats to Retsoor and Sue Riley for their respective 2nd and 3rd places. Thank you for the win too. I'll have a new challenge up shortly.
Link Posted 23/05/2022 - 17:29
Thanks David for the competition, comments and for 2nd place.
Well done to Noel for a great picture and 1st spot and to Sue for 3rd
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