Weekly Competition #677 - to depict mood or moodiness. Competition

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Closing Date: 19/07/2020
Judge: davidtrout

I'm looking forward to seeing some imaginative interpretations of this theme. Pictures must be taken on Pentax camerasor their closely related clones. Deadline Midnight Sunday July 19 2020 British Summer Time. Unlike the monthly competition entries need not be taken during the current month but can be from your archives. The winner is expeced to judge the and comment on the following week's competition
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Link Posted 20/07/2020 - 00:05
Pentax weekly competition - Depicting mood or moodiness
Thanks to those of you who entered, not may entries this week but those on offer were well worth looking at.

Feeling amused by Tyronet 2000
Stan's photograph certainly depicts mood, a mood of hilarity. This interpretation of the iconic Two Ronnies TV sketch cleverly combines both meanings of fork handles with four candles. Nicely done Stan.

Gamblers den by Vic Cross
I've judged and enjoyed this photo by Vic , albeit under a different title, in a previous competition. However there's nothing in the rules to my knowledge about entering the same photo again, so in the interests of consistency I repeat my comments from the previous competition entry:
'Dark deeds afoot here. Cards on the table, some tokens, a bottle of something potent and, to misquote Lady Bracknell, A HANDGUN? The blinds are drawn to prevent prying eyes although one has been twisted suggesting someone in the room tried to peer out. So after Film Noir we now have Neo Noir... then came Nordic Noir (Wallander) while in British TV drama we've had Jock Noir (Rebus, Taggart and Sheltand) , Geordie Noir (Vera), Oh dear, it'll all end in tears. Thanks Vic for our trip into dark places - and the longest title in this competition.'

Emma within her thoughts by John Riley
In aming for introspection John has certainly achieved success with this thoughtful portrait. Emma's pose is classic and John's photographic skills, both in camera and I suspect in post production, have created an image that is of high quality and beauty.

Street light by NigelK
That sure is a moody sky, also dramatic and colourful. In fact the word that comes to mind is apocalyptic. The street light gives it context - but I can't help feeling that if the light was on it would add further interest to the composition.

Dusk at Buckler's Hard by Johnwnjr
The mood here is sullen with a twilight scene quietly settling down for the night. No drama, no instrusive distractions and i can imaginecomplete silence. There's some attractive subdued colour in the sky nwhich for me is the most attractive part of this picture.

Druids Forest by JAK
The mood here is spooky, due largely, I imagine, to the solarization treatment. The silvery foliage is very imrpressive and most appropriate given the presence of the moon peeping through the trees Druids? witches? spirits? whatever this is dripping with delicious menace like some fairy tale guaranteed to give small children nightmares. Love it to bits.

Incoming by simonmac
A different sort of menace here. The approaching cloudburst over Birmingham is well captured and I love the sheets of rain cascading over the city. The Brum skyline depicted is perhaps not the city's most dramatic but that's down to where you were at the time of the storm. It works well in mono.

Brooding mood by Noelcmn
Caught in a reflective moment moment: what thoughts are going through her mind? In street photography there are many questions but because of the nature of the genre very few answers are available and its up to the imagination of the photgraphers and their viewers to speculate. Lovely vibrant colours in this thought provoking image

Night appproaching the boatyard by Retsoor
Another brooding sky image, this time with a rather fine frame filling silhouette of a sailing boatboat. The mast and ropes add detail to the cloud which also has some attractive patterns. I like the side lit shed just catching the last rays of the day.
1, Druids Forest by JAK
2,Emma within her thoughts by John Riley
3, Feeling amused by Tyronet 2000
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Link Posted 20/07/2020 - 11:42
Thank you David for this week's competition, judging and victory spot. The Druid reference relates to the fact that the location is at a folly known as The Druid's Temple so it was just a way of making it look appropriate and not just a pile of stones! Congratulations to John and Stan too for their podium places. Despite the low number of entries all were excellent so quite honoured to achieve the win.
So that means it's thinking cap time to find a competition for this week,
John K


Link Posted 20/07/2020 - 15:01
Congratulations to the Winner and thanks for awarding me 3rd place. An interesting subject.

Link Posted 20/07/2020 - 15:59
Thanks David, an inspiring subject with some good interpretations. Congratulations to JAK, John and Stan for 3 great photos and all completely different, which makes these competitions so interesting.


Link Posted 21/07/2020 - 18:28
Congrats JAK, johnriley and Tyronet2000. Wonderful interesting challenge, thanks David, and for the C&C's. Always appreciated.
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