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Weekly Competition #58 "Sweet Tooth" Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 17/08/2008
Judge: Keen2Learn

Well the subject for this competition is "Sweet Tooth"
Good luck everyone ....
Competition Entries
Posted 18/08/2008 - 00:26 Link
Prieni- Olympic Gummi Bears
A well thought out Olympic theme.

Lilly - Allsorts Mono Style
I love Liquorice Allsorts, a great attempt in mono.

Gartmore - Carly
A good looking model and a literal interpretation of "sweet tooth".

Amoringello - Kid In Gelato Store
I love this image, the kid's eyes must be bulging at such a sight.

Galoot - Sweeties
Nice mix of lines and colour, and yes I remember these sweeties.

Hefty1 - Golden Joy
Clever series of shots of honey off the spoon.

PentaxAngel - Ischler
Chocolate covered cookies (biscuits) Yum!

JohnRiley - Window Shopping By Night
Gorgeous chocolates, just as well the shop is closed.

PhotoPhil - French Fancy
Nice wide-angle view of the 'pick'n'mix' counter.

Deecy - Sweet Tooth
Clever play of mono and colour on these desserts.

Daniel Bridge - Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate, marshmallows, creme and a flake. Delicious.
ganners - Chocolate
beakynet - Anticipation
Nimitz - Children with ices whilst camping
GivingTree - Before they disappeared
Fantastic entries, well done.

Winner: Amoringello - Kid In Gelato Store
I can imagine this kids sweet tooth as he stands in front of the counter with his hands in his pockets. The bright lights, a well stocked display and the lone child looking in made this a winner for me.Well done.

Second: Prieni- Olympic Gummi Bears
(very clever theme)

Third: JohnRiley - Window Shopping By Night

Recommended: All the other photos,
great standard as always so well done everyone.

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Edited by Keen2Learn: 24/08/2008 - 19:42
Posted 18/08/2008 - 02:20 Link
Congrats amoringello! I really liked this photo too, I thought it was a good mix of color and a good choice of angle.

K2L, can you say a little more about what made you choose the winner - I learn so much this way. (I would ask for more about all of them, including the ones that didn't get to post in the gallery, but don't want to put too heavy a burden on you.)
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Posted 18/08/2008 - 06:56 Link
Congrats winner, and all presenter!
Fantastic all pictures!
Thank You for judge&competitions Keen2Learn!
Posted 18/08/2008 - 08:16 Link
Congratulations to amoringello and thanks to this weeks judge, not only for judging but also for putting up a theme that got me a good excuse for a bag of gummi bears!
Thanks also for the second place (which is the "sweet spot" in this competition).

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