Weekly Competition # 59 "Contrast" Competition

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Closing Date: 24/08/2008
Judge: amoringello

The definition doesn't necessarily have to mean the relative difference between light and dark used in photgraphy. Lets see what creative ideas you come up with.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 01:14
You guys always make this tough....

randall85 - reading a good book
Nice contrast of light and dark. I think the B&W treatment is niely done.
The levels are well handled. I love the designs of the old churches.

PentaxAngel - light of deliverence
Great catch of the light streaming through the clouds. I don't often get to see them as stark against the clouds. Although I thin if you could have got closer or zoomed in more on the streams of ligh it would have made a more powerful image. Also, not much you could do about it, but the cranes in the forground distract.

HowardJ - Little and largish
First of the little v.s. large competition. Seems to be a number of those.
The image is intersting as it has contrasct between the two boats, little and largish, yet the image itself lacks contrast the sense of lighting. Perhaps some curves or levels would help bringten up the image a bit.

PHOTOPHIL Leave in water
Nice contrast of water with what would otherwise have been deads dry leaves.
The muted colors is nice, and I almost didn't notice that some were desaturated. I like the effect.
I find the green stuff somewhat disturbing somehow.

Lilly - little and large
I think the Lily standard B&W works for this image. I like it.
The little dog looks rather disgruntled. They say that dogs and owner often look alike... I can picture the grumpy old lady walking this dog with the same scowl on her face. She probably has similar grey hair put up in some awful frizzy hair style too.
Perhaps she wasn't really old or grumpy, but that is what I am picturing in my head. The fact that the image makes me image more to it is what makes the image for me.

Priene - Nature v. Machine
Interesting contrast of two methods of flight. Great shot, I assume you must have been in an aircraft as well to get the shot? Just one of those in the right place at the right time shots. Well captured.

GivingTree - different worlds
An bit of a twist. I like the idea but the image overall is a bit flat. Nice patience to catch the three dolphins, I bet you waited a long time for them to come around. Although the image seems somehow flat to me. I am glad you did not trying color correcting the blue into something unnatural.

Longdog - Old and New
I like the contrast of the old fence and what appears to be new hiway contruction. There are so many levels of cotrast in ths image. The mirrored shapes yet opposing directions make the image more intersting. The new constructions is smooth, perfectly aligned, the old is rough and warped. lthough the image appears like it was perhaps merely desaturated into greyscale. I think using some other method to convert the image to B&W by using the channels or PhotoHSop's B&W tool (or somethign similar) would have helped to really make the image pop.

Keen2Learn - Summer 2007 vs Summer 2008
Glad you added th title because I thought it would have been summer v.s. winnter. What happened to drive all th epeople away?
I like the bright blue skies v.s. the gray clouds. The busy beach v.s. the empty desolate wasteland. It appears the piers are even tattered and falling apart. I think one thing to make th eiomage mre dramtic would be to align the viewpoint so that it appears the camera were in the same location.

hefty1 - colour and form
Interesting abstract. I assume it is the hood or side panel of a car? Looks like an old corvette behind it.
Again, several layers of contrast, red and green paint, straight v.s. curved lines, reflective v,s. non-reflective.

Dr. Mhuni - Night in Neohri
There is definitely some contrast beween the bright patio and rock wall v.s. the dark water beyond.
But I am having a hard time figuring out what it is you're showing here... other than a doorway or window.
I think the wonky window frame and boards block what was probably a wonderful view. (Greece is on our list of TODO vacation spots).

Galoot - Dark-Sky
Great shot of the storm approaching but I'm not sure I see much contrast. I'm probably missing someting obvious. Perhaps the calm seas with the imending storm behind? Overall the image seems a tad bit too noisy, or posibly with noise processed out. Seems a bit soft with no point of focus.

yelvertoft - Cloth Hall in Iper
Nice capture of the build with the light being well controlled. Is this HDR or were you actually able to keep the light and dark exposed? (other than a few areas in front of the spot lights, of course). I think it makes for a great image.
Your comment says a building of many contrastsm, but not sure the image brings across the concept of contrast. Perhaps I need to look up the history of the building?
As far as shapes, there are lots of contrasting shapes through the building, but there are so many and in regular form that they start to create uniformity through the image.

ericp - little and large
Nice photo. I'd almost say it appears that the young child has more control of his bike than the adult.
I'm not sure I like the composition. Seems the walls and trees compete and the two bicyclists are secondary. The light levels are well handled, but again I think a different method of converting to B&W might have made the image pop more. The histogram is a heavy on the black end, yet something about the image makes me feel like there is little black in it.
Mainly I think cropping off the trees at the right makes for a better composition. It moves the subjects out of center and my eyes are not drawn to the big black spot and instead down the bright path between the riders.

johnriley - Contrasts
Wow, it shows that not all cotrast has to be black in white. Excep for the open green spot in the upper right, I like the composition a lot. Contrasts everywhere. Sharp edges, soft folds, flat straight lines, curled petals, and the colors really wake up my eyes. Oddly, the whole thing looks just slightly out of focus excep the fabric. The fabric and the orange petals have the most texture yet I cannot seem to focus on any of the orange petals. (mybe it is just the colors and shapes giving the illusion of softness?)

pschlute - Reg & green
I liek this one a lot. The bright red on the muted green is nice without being overly "Cristmas red & green". The sharp leaf (sharp edged and sharp focus), v.s. the soft wood pattern in the background are interesting. I'm not sure the square compositin works as well as hrizontal rectangle. Maybe if the white scratch/hole in the wood was not competing in the oppposite corner.

Malo1961 - "Best" days are over
How sad. Appropriate as summer is officially about to wind down in the next week or so. Theis bench has definitely seen better days. Well, perhaps it has seen some prett rough days and now it finally gets to rest a bit.
It appears some of the detail in the wood is lost, it is there but very subtle with the B&W adjustments. I would probably like to see a bit more wear nd tear of the wood itself.
Overall I like this image.

cabstar - pin on green
Nice composition. Normally you're told to not center your subject but I like the way it reaches out to all corners.
Althugh I think the contrast of pink and green is there, a little adjustment of the levels or curves would really bring out the color. The image loks rather flat and colorless. It almost looks like someone desaturated the image slightly.
I am not normally turned off by bugs in a photo, but unless they are part of the subject, you my want to shake them free next time (or just wait until they crawl out of view if you're opposed to a possible butterfly effect).

Nimitz - Butterfly
Nice image. Good contrast of the lights and darks. I assume you color adjusted the leaves? I'm not normally a fan of that sort of thing but it works here as the color matches very well. I think the poor guy's head is a bit lost in the background and it is a shame the right edge of the wings is clipped by the edge of the photo.
Althuogh the flash really hads contrast and highlights to the wings, it also casts a painfully sharp shadow form the leaf.
DOF is petty well controlled through most of the butterfly.
Overall the image is visually peasing. I like it.

R o b - Highland Routemaster
Not sure what you're trying to show for contrast here. The red bus against the green gras, trees and perhaps the kilts?
Interesting photo but not sure it fits the category, unless I'm missing something.

OK, I thought commenting was difficult. Now I have t actually choose which was best.
The top three almost required trhat I simply roll a die or flip a coin.

First: Longdog - Old and New. The image was pleasing, it fit the category well, and was well composed. Congratualations.
Second: Malo1961 - "Best" days are over
Third: hefty1 - colour and form

Honerable mention
Lilly - little and large.
johnriley - Contrasts


Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 01:45
Congratulations to Longdog.
Well done.

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Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 02:46
This one I thought was especially challenging - to enter AND to judge. Well done, Longdog and super judging, Amoringello. Thanks for the comments.
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Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 05:24
Congrats the Winner, and Thank You for judge amoringello!!


Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 05:57
Congratulations to Longdog, a deserved winner And thanks Amoringello, for an excellent piece of judging and granting me that much loved second place.

Best regards,


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Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 06:10
Thanks for the judging Amoringello, and congrats to the winners.

Re. Greece, get there as soon as you can. For unspoilt, concentrated (almost everywhere it is stunning) beauty no country surpasses it.

As for my pic - I guess you had to be there and that wistful longing coloured my judgment!



Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 07:19
amoringello wrote:

Priene - Nature v. Machine
Interesting contrast of two methods of flight. Great shot, I assume you must have been in an aircraft as well to get the shot? Just one of those in the right place at the right time shots. Well captured.

Thanks amoringello for setting an interesting theme and for the swift and competent judging!
Longdog: Great shot! Looking forward to the next theme...

I wasn't in an aircraft at the time of shooting but on a ship (and not even on the uppermost deck). We were entering Kiel fjord after a four week trip in the Baltic. As I used to live in Kiel it was an arrival with lots of memories, not least to the unit the helicopter belongs to (as this also was the unit where I spend my Navy service). This unit was apparently having an exercise as there were lots of low flying Sea King helicopters around so I got a few shots in. Seeing the gull and the helicopter approaching I tried to get a propper framing. It did turn out pretty good but not ideal.

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Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 09:35
Thanks for that and we'll look forward to the next one.

Just a note for judges in that, although it's up to you how you do it, putting the judging comments under each image rather than in a long thread is actually very much easier. Just a thought.

Best regards, John


Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 10:33
Congratulations to Longdog and and well done to all entrants. Thanks to the judge too.


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Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 11:26
Third place! Didn't expect that!

Thanks amoringello for the judging and congratulations to Longdog for a well deserved win.
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R o b

Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 13:10
I had to explain it to my other half too, which should have been a warning...

The idea was that London, signified by the routemaster bus, is rather different to the highlands of Scotland, thus having the two together was a bit of a contrast, with the addition of the red and green too I suppose.

I pressed enter at five to midnight, and the entry shows as being 00:01 on the 25th, so I feel lucky it got noticed and was mentioned anyway.

Congratulations to the winner, and also to this weeks judge for coming up with an interesting subject and putting in the hard work.



Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 15:44
Thanks for the feedback. This shot was one exposure, no HDR, very little post-processing at all in fact.


Link Posted 25/08/2008 - 18:27
johnriley wrote:

Just a note for judges in that, although it's up to you how you do it, putting the judging comments under each image rather than in a long thread is actually very much easier. Just a thought.

Well, yes and no. I thought about it (a bit presumptous, I know) and came to the conclusion it would be best to have all of them in this thread and then the single ones under the respective image. It's a bit more work but mainly copy and paste (and I'm fairly good at that ).

But you are right to point out that it is down to the judge, of course.

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