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Weekly #859 - The Elements Competition

Title Weekly #859 - The Elements
Judge Simonmac
Closing Date 03/03/2024

The weather is increasingly at the forefront of discussion.
Please submit your photographs of the elements in all of their glory. Snow,fog,rain,wind........many to choose from! Your shot may show the condition directly or show the impact of the particular weather.

Usual rules. Deadline Midnight on the 3rd March.

All the best

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Photographs uploaded to the Weekly #859 - The Elements competition.

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Posted 04/03/2024 - 12:03 Link

Thank you all for entering a photograph.

My thoughts, clearly personal and based upon my reaction initially, then closer examination:

Short Before Christmas: Ligt Snowfall over the Garden of the Royal Danish Library
A lovely buidling. That is some snow. I like how the out of focus areas lend to the sense of cold and the reduced vision we have in heavy snow. A subtle interpretation which I admire.

An angel in the rain
There is no denying the eye at work here. Raindrops on transparent or translucent surfaces are often intriguing. However, it does not give me a sense of the elements in that the subject is the street art.

Snow in Norway
That's deep! I think that this is a great record of a fine experience. Therein lies its value.

Ickworth House
A tranquil scene very nicely exposed. I can feel the chill. That tree to the left boitgers me slightly as it begs for my attention.

Snow, steam and speed
Steam, wonderful. That plume rising through the snow. I can hear the engine. I am torn as wo whether or not the image could be brighter or not to accentuate the steam and snow.

Not the preferred mode of travel today.
City slush! I like the snowy saddles, the pedestrians and the cosier form of transport at the back.

Deluge. The rain that gets you wet as some say. I like the alsmot painterly quality and the hues set against the downpour.

The Star Inn, Harome
An inn providing shelter. An open fire and the chatter of good folk. That's what this says to me. The snow nicely exposed.

Barometre dropping
A whipped up sea is one of nature's finest sights, unless you are affected by its power. A nice cvonversion too. I can hear the wind and the waves.

I enjoyed sharing your experiences. Thank you.

Short Before Christmas: Ligt Snowfall over the Garden of the Royal Danish Library

Snow, steam and speed


All the best
Posted 04/03/2024 - 17:18 Link
Well done to the winning Photograph by Kasperbergholt and podiums places also.
Thanks also to host Simonmac, for critique and thoughtful comments.
Posted 04/03/2024 - 18:47 Link
Thanks for the podium place. Well done to all the entries.
Posted 05/03/2024 - 11:19 Link
Superb winning shot, congrats Kasperbergholt. And exended to RayW for his 2nd spot. Thanks to our judge Simonmac for the judging exercise, C&C's as always much appreciated. Thank you for my surprising 3rd place. As usual, wonderful submimssions for the challenge.
Posted 06/03/2024 - 17:45 Link
I do feel for you @ johnriley, having to organise yet another weekly now that it is Wednesday
Maybe a last minute gasp from the winner will save the day.
Posted 07/03/2024 - 23:59 Link
Thanks Flan, but this time the winner asked me to step in as he is unable to post a competition just now. He promises to make sure he's able to do that should be win again in the future.

Actually, I don't mind really, I spend a fair bit of time judging photographic competitions anyway and it's always great to see what people come up with. However, I'd prefer winners to set their own competitions as that's what the process is all about - everybody having a chance to have a go.
Best regards, John

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