Weekly #768 - The end of the cycle Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 29/05/2022
Judge: Noelcmn

For this week's challenge, I am looking for anything that represents the end of a cycle. Naturally we will all think of the end of the cycle of life, but anything that represents the end - flowers, a finishing line of a race, the demise of car due to rust or an accident, Seasonal images -spring representing the end of winter etc. Cemetery images qualify. Or perhaps you have one of those interesting documentary images of someone holding up a banner " The end is nigh" .

The Rules as usual:
1. Only Pentax cameras and acceptable clones.
2.The winner is expected to set, judge and preferably offer some comments/critiques of submissions.
3. You are free to use images from your archives or opt to shoot something specific for this challenge.
4. The challenge closes on Sunday 29 May 2022 at midnight BST.

Judging will hopefully take place Monday morning DV, provided no crisis or demands on my time prevent me from doing that. Being in the pastoral ministry dictates that this can happen at any time.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 30/05/2022 - 08:40
Thank you all for your participation and submissions, as usual wonderful stuff here.

Perspicador-In solar perpetuity- As usual, getting us off the mark with an ever so interesting take on the theme, fits the brief perfectly. Particularly like the contextual elements to this shot, and the lovely blues!

MHOL190246-Fallen Leaves- Beautiful Autumn scene, with quite the range of colors, DOF and a familiar subject that certainly I appreciate! And sharp!

Simonmac-In dying you give life-the only B/W entry and certainly packs a punch, nicely isolated, with tops notes of textures. Love the title, all too true. Nicely detailed, solid composition.

Flan-Turning in my grave-Excellent stuff, and like Perspicador’s image, I love the contextual elements, while still retaining the focus on that wheel/drum/cog. Wonderful color contrasts, DOF spot on, as is the composition. Wonderful take on the theme.

Davidwozhere- Totally dessicated- Wonderful low key image, top notch textures, and superb use of light. Presumably a well-positioned source of light from the right. Like that bit of bluish green at the base of the flower, giving some relief to an almost monotone image.

Takuman-K100D-Well yes, all such are sad goodbyes, but technology moves along, and we must keep up. Wonderful take on the theme, even if a sad one. Inescapable sense of forlorn, enhanced by the placing of the camera on an old bench/worktable? Which also adds some really nice contrast to the camera.

PRYorkshire- Last of the Azalea Blooms – I’m a great fan of selective color, and it has worked well here with some fine juxtaposition. Those Azaleas sure look sad, wilted, waiting for the inevitable.

Drofmit – No need to padlock the Dali Bike-LOL! And a fine contribution to all the other memes on Dali designing a Bike. Like the play on words from the title in this one. Top notch street photography, composition, DOF, color contrast. 3 Cheers for the Optio!

RayW—Fallen tree- Oh dear-reminds me of my late boss- he would be most upset at this- any fallen tree, for whatever reason- go up upset- such was his love of tree. Which to an extent lives on in me. But life is life, and these things happen, usually for the better of the environment. Apropos the title of Simonmac’s submission. Solid composition, DOF and color palate. Another lovely contextual image. “It was rotting from the inside” I can hear all those other healthy trees saying.

And onto the judging exercise, before I get along to do the business of the day!
1st spot to flan- wonderful contextual image.
2nd spot - drofmit - very close. Even Dali would be laughing
3rd spot to RayW- Natures end of the cycle.

HM’s Davidwozhere.


Link Posted 30/05/2022 - 13:25
Thank you Noel for the win😃 and the great summarizations of everyone’s photographs.
Well done to drofmit, RayW and Davidwozhere and all the other entries
Hope I can judge this weeks comp with equal measure 🤕
Best of luck, Flan


Link Posted 30/05/2022 - 14:21
Thank you for the coveted second place.... as I am busy planting out our veg for this year, I need no distractions like having to set a competition.
Congratulations to flan and Ray and David, too.
And, your fallen tree gives life to all sorts of wonderful insects.... those give life to birds and small mammals.... in turn giving life to larger carnivores and omnivores. I celebrate a fallen tree.... especially if it has given the gift of light to the forest floor.
The end of the cycle in this case is the start of others.
Never be afraid to talk about your techniques...
"Give a thousand photographers...
the same camera, lens and scene...
and you'll always get a thousand different takes!!"
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Link Posted 31/05/2022 - 00:15
I had Flan's drum down as a winner the moment I saw it. Well done, super picture, as is Ray's fallen tree. I even liked Tim's jokes - It's certainly the end of that cycle!
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Link Posted 31/05/2022 - 16:09
Thank you Noel

Great shots here, and I love the winner.

Your judging and comments are very encouraging.

All the best
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