Weekly #701 - Abandoned Buildings or any form of Urban or rural Decay Competition

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Closing Date: 24/01/2021
Judge: paulb531

I must admit to find beauty in old derelict buildings. There is scope for shooting something new or delve into your archives. I'm looking for bold images in either colour or black and white.

Usual rules apply i.e. must be taken with Pentax equipment and the winner must be prepared to set and judge the following weeks competition
Competition Entries


Link Posted 25/01/2021 - 10:03
Weekly #701 - Abandoned Buildings or any form of Urban or rural Decay Competition

Thanks to you all for entering. I enjoy seeing everybodyís interpretation of a well-worn subject. All the photos fit the remit and are technically good and it just boils down to personal choice.

Tin Mine by retsoor
What a great panoramic photo. The buildings enhance the photo but I donít feel the decay, it just feels a feature of this part of the world. I remembered how many of these tin mines there are as I pedalled my bike through Cornwall on my way to John O Groats.

Urban decay by Noelcmn
Certainly, seen better days Ė I wouldnít want it on my doorstep. Perhaps (or just in my mind) I would have liked to see it in context by panning out, or a wider angle. Or alternatively, focussed on a smaller area with more detail.

Camden canal by shamam
A good idea to take the shadows out to make the graffiti have an impact. A very effective and striking image. A tad over-processed but thatís being picky

Buzzards on abandoned Home by wkbrow
I like this photo Ė it has a spooky feel to it. It has all the makings of super shot, if only you had levelled it up, itís a few degrees on the tilt. Itís a shame because it would have been a favourite.

No longer 1st class by David Trout
Obviously, this carriage seen better days. A cracking image. Good textures and colours. The right amount of treated and well framed. Well spotted.

Unsafe to cross by johnwnjr
The demise of the railways makes me sad Ė Dr Beeching what a mistake he made with his axe. A great shot. All the makings of a winner, good perspective, and an interesting shapes and shadows. Looking at the photo it sends my eyes down the track Ė it works.

Mr Whippy has retired by dhedwards
It surprises me why people just leave vehicles to rot instead of taking them to the scrapyard. It could be someoneís restoration project. Well spotted.

Castle Dinas Bran by newbie50user
A good shot. A good touch having the photographer in the arch which give perspective to the photo.

Gwrych Castle lives by johnriley
A good photo with a black and white treatment that suits the theme. Iím a member of the national and English Heritage that allows to roam and photograph similar. These type of buildings always make great shots.

Rougham Hall by Nigelk
A good shot. You did well to light the interior to show the inside detail. Certainly a restoration project.

Blundell Street school Hull by JAK
A good shot well spotted. The greenery is stating to engulf the building. Its just missing a dramatic sky or strong shadows to add a bit of atmosphere.

The doomed Apollo Pub by Perspicador
Another pub bites the dust. I wondered why you chose to show just the top half. Perhaps thatís the intrigue wondering what is below.

Summary: I picked the four I liked best and had trouble putting them in order because there is very little between them but here goes

1st - Unsafe to cross by johnwnjr
2nd - No longer 1st class by David Trout
Joint 3rd Gwrych Castle lives by johnriley & Blundell Street school Hull by JAK


Link Posted 25/01/2021 - 10:30
Thanks for the competition and expert judging Paul. It was an interesting subject which attracted some fine entries. Good choice of winner and thanks for my 2nd place.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


Link Posted 25/01/2021 - 14:24
Thanks very much for my 1st. An enjoyable competition with many interesting entries.
Link Posted 26/01/2021 - 16:00
Thanks for the competition and comments Paul. Well done to the Podium places


Link Posted 27/01/2021 - 19:02
Thanks you three for your feedback - much appreciated.


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