Weekly #690 - Any aspect of beer Competition

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Closing Date: 25/10/2020
Judge: davidwozhere

I have a lovely coaster that has a quote from Benjamin Franklin .... "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. For the weekly competition you can use pictures from your archives or take a fresh one - it's up to you. The major rules are that you must use a Pentax camera (or accepted clone) and the winner must set and judge the following week's contest. Don't drink it all in one go!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 26/10/2020 - 18:28
Any aspect of beer

I did ask for any aspect. These are on the wall, off the wall and even in the wall !

Pub in Matlock Bath by Perspicador
On the wall, Rodney starts us off, as ever with a pretty elderly looking and interesting pub sign. It's unfortunately missing a bit off the bottom. It would have looked good with an equal border of brickwork around it.

Bliss From the Dregs of Beer by johnriley
About as far off the wall (and outside the box) as you can get, you either like it or hate it. I hate Marmite and I like the picture. Beautifully taken and presented, it also has that extra quirk inside the butter dish. As a full set I guess it's quite a collector's piece too.

Porter Shandy by mr.mellow
This one is firmly sitting on a table top. Perfect exposure, nice composition but with all those verticals, it's leaning maybe 1.5 degrees to the right, which is emphasised by the slight taper of the bottle sides, making the bottle and the can appear to lean more than they actually are.

Kentish Oast Houses by JAK
I'm guessing it was originally from film? Sharp, crisp, perfectly exposed and lots of detail. It was probably taken to illustrate the roofs and the cowls but it would have been nice to have had the whole building.

Bass King's Ale by PRYorkshire
Yet more creativity. The use of backlighting and the dramatic presentation demands that you take notice of this one. Even without the fascinating explanation, you would realise this was a bit on the special side. And here is yet another one with the bottom lopped off - has everyone been drinking the stuff?

What, no Beer Festival! by Snappyhoffy
I saw the thumbnail and thought, "what sort of composition is this?" Enlarging it gave the answer, "a very clever one." Full marks for creativity here too.

Stoned by Tiny2
And here is the one that's In the wall. We don't see many Optio pictures but it can certainly deliver. I wondered at first if this one was leaning a bit but I think an excellent balance has been struck between the various orientations of the stuff that makes up the wall. It makes a striking image that I found myself coming back to several times.

Elephantine Thirst by Noelcmn
And another clever idea that has presented a pile of challenges with the exposure, that have been overcome rather well. I find myself distracted by the strong slope of the heavy bottom of the glass. Turning thre glass through 90 degrees would likely have eliminated it (?)

They've changed the recipe by Drofmit
Yes that happens now and then - usually with bad consequences! This is a nice picture but there are so many conflicting and competing written messages there when the sole important one is displayed on the two bottles.

After a toss up between Marmite and the Vale of Neath Brewery I'm going to give it to Tiny2 by a whisker.

1st Stoned by Tiny2
2nd Bliss From the Dregs of Beer by johnriley
3rd What, no Beer Festival! by Snappyhoffy

Bass King's Ale by PRYorkshire would have been in the running due to that dramatic presentation if we had been given the whole bottle.

Thank you all for putting a lot of thought into this exceptionally varied collection of beery imagery.

Tny2 - over to you.
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Link Posted 26/10/2020 - 18:51
Many thanks to davidwozhere for an interesting competition that attracted a good selection of entries and congratulations to Tiny2 on a very good image, it would have been my choice as well.

My image of the King's Ale bottle was cropped at the bottom to lose a second distracting label and I felt that this did compromise the balance. John's Marmite photo immediately brought back the smell of the factory in Burton where we lived about a mile downwind, something that on a bad day meant you had no wish to try it.

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Link Posted 26/10/2020 - 23:03
Thanks for your comments davidwozhere. I didnt put any description with the entry (wasn't sure I could) but for the last 15 years I have organised a Charity Beer Festival which 'became' our major fundraiser for the local Lions Club but we had to cancel 2020.... anybody want a beer glass I have 750 available with 2020 printed.
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Link Posted 27/10/2020 - 05:04
It’s the early hours of the morning. I cannot sleep and logged in to find ‘Stoned’ had been selected as winner of the ‘Any aspect of beer’ competition. Thank you for choosing the image David and for all your comments. Well done to everyone who entered. It was interesting to see each persons interpretation of the theme and the quality of your work was high!

I hope you all enjoy the next competition.

Stay safe

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Link Posted 29/10/2020 - 18:52
Congrats Carl. it's a great shot, full of interest, textures and storyline. And extended to johnriley and snappyhoffy. Interesting challenge, so a hearty thanks to our host and judge, davidwozhere, and for the C&C's. Always appreciated. Btw, the glass was on the top of my car, nothing I could do about the tilt. Besides I was to eager to gulp it down before it got hot!
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