Weekly #687 - Harvest Festival Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 04/10/2020
Judge: JAK

Autumn has just arrived in the UK which is normally the time for Harvest Festivals to take place. So Harvest Festival is the theme for this week's competition. I appreciate that it isn't harvest time everywhere so you can select a photograph from your archives or by all means take something specially if you wish. Anything connected with food harvesting in general is quite acceptable as well.

The usual weekly competition rules apply ( link ) . The photo can have been taken at any time, however it has to have been shot with a Pentax or closely related camera. Ask if in doubt. The winner will then set and judge the competition next week.
Good luck with your entry which I look forward to seeing.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 05/10/2020 - 13:32
THank you all for somne greaat entries. Several reminded mne of the photographs included in adverts for colour film at the time it was becoming popular and books on how to do colour photography.

Perspicador - Tropical Harvest
A very pleasant image of a bird being fed (what is it?) By harvest festival I was really thinking of our annual celebrations that occur around the time the main harvest is gathered in. I know some birds sch as corvids harvest food and hide it away for a rainy day but that isn't happening here.

tyronet2000 - International Harvest
A great still life which appears to have been taken specially for this competition. I like it enourmosly and wouldn't wish to fault it at all. Well done.

Johnwnjr - Shrewsbury Harvest Show
Certainly the subject matter fits the them very well. I do feel though that the image lacks a focal point, perhaps if the photograph was centred on one of the entries it might have provided that. Certasinlu an excellent record of that festival.

vic cross - Happy Harvest "Hello Smiler"
Gave me a laugh too! Fanks! (Shame the cucumber happens to be shrink wrapped,)

Nigelk - Autumnal Harvest
Quite appropriate and nicely taken. This is another of the photographs that reminds me of some of the images taken to promote colour film in the 1960s. This works well due to its colour contrast with the orange set against muted greens and greys.

newbiek50user - Harvest field, Garswood, SHelens
A good balanced composition of the hay bales. I just feel the exposure needs a perk to brighten it up a little to make the podium.

Noelcmn - Halloween is here
This is another image that reminds me of the early adverts for colour film. The fairly wide aperture has led to the prominent wooden slats lacking sharpness. A good capture non the less.

johnriley - The Bag of Nature
A super image for the theme. While there was probably little you could do about it I find the loose carrots at the bottom of the picture a slight distraction from an otherwise super photo.

So for the result:
1st Nigelk - Autumnal Harvest
2nd tyronet2000 - International Harvest
3rd johnriley - The Bag of Nature

I really did enjoy viewing your entries, thank you.
So over to Nigel for the coming week.


Link Posted 05/10/2020 - 16:37
Thank you JAK for the competition and my top spot, a lovely surprise to come home to. Well done my fellow podium places and to the other entrants. This weeks comp is up and open for business.


Link Posted 05/10/2020 - 16:55
Congrats NIgelK, beautiful shot that fits the theme so well!. And extended to Tyronet2000 and Johnriley for their respective podium places Thanks to our Judge for the challenge, C&C's always appreciated. And share your sentiments about these images harking back to the days of film


Link Posted 05/10/2020 - 20:17
Congratulations to the Winner and and other placings and thanks for awarding me (the coverted) 2nd place. An interesting subject and good critique.

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