Weekly #673 - The Place I Really Want To Be Competition

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Closing Date: 21/06/2020
Judge: johnriley

We're slowly coming out of Lockdown, but during this period of being stuck at home where would you have really liked to be? So this week's competition is just that - please show us an image of where your heart would have been and make the picture so tempting that we'd go along with it and be happy to join you. Tempt us with that special location!
Competition Entries


Link Posted 22/06/2020 - 00:34
The places we'd love to be, and I assume that we might well head for them when Lockdown is released finally. It's a good selection of ideas, so time to have a look and see what we have.

Mill Lakes, and as usual perspicador is hot off the start and first with this peaceful shot. A place full of wildlife no doubt, plus eventuallu people and picnics and maybe strolls round the banks. Yes, a good choice of a good place to head for. Perhaps a tad soft.

tyronet2000 is watching the sun go down, so the place is generic, it doesn't matter where it is as long as it's vast, open and the last red rays of sunlight are giving way to the blackness of night. It's a thoughful interpretation.

Pynenean Blues by Nigelk has a similar objective, the end of day, but goes for a different colour pallette and gives us the promise of some night life. the town beckons, its warm lighting ready with its bars, restaurants and pavement cafes. A very attractive proposition.

MHOL190246 and we should ask what's the story in Tobermory? Hopefully there won't be many dancing policemen. Actually, it hits the spot, because who wouldn't want to be in Scotland on a fine day like this one.

Gibson Mill by emleyman, well this is the place. This is where I shot a fluorescent pig on a ladder in a mill pond a number of years ago. The pig appears to have long gone, but the place remains a fantastic location and the wealk to it at hardcastle Crags is well worth the effort. The composition is excellent and I only wish that the sun had been placed to illuminate the mill building. That would have lifted the image.

Loch Linnhe by PRYorkshire, another look at a wild landscape that offers majesty and inspiration. These places are good for gaining a sense of rebalancing our lives. There's little that can be done here composition-wise, but lighting is crucial and maybe this one cries out for some storm light.

River Avon by takuman. A place to be, a hobby to pursue, although as social distancing goes probably fishing is pretty safe now. I would be looking for more lively lighting and also straightening up the image, but the message of it it strong and clear.

Threave Garden by Johnwjnr is another location that is hard to fault. On my monitor this is slightly too light, so I would darken the image just a whisker, but otherwise it has all the ingredients and it's a fine example of the pleasures of Dumfries and Galloway.

vic cross has a more exotic location in mind, as long as we don't end up the prey, and the idea of a safari is a powerful thought for post-Lockdown. Again the image is a bit light, so I feel it would benefit from darkening down.

Mr Mellow's heart is clearly in Spain and a picnic area overlooking a gorgeous landscape is a great idea. I would wish for the image to be crisper and also, again, a bit darker, but the composition hits the spot. I like these reportage shots that give a variety of subjects all randomly going about their own agendas. A slice of life.

JAK has a point why indeed would he want to be anywhere else? The next time we're at that location we'll have to get you to pop the kettle on and perhaps share in your fine view! Castle, red arrown, relaxing at home, yes, it's got a lot going for it. I like the lateral thinking of this.

Diani Beach by davejenny is not a place I'm familiar with, but fair enough, it's warm, deserted, dramatic and for those who like beaches looks like a great option. The foreground interest is an essential part of the composition.

Ibera Marshes by Hackwood. This in its sheer scale overshadows our local martin Mere perhaps, but the principle is the same. It shows as well that we don't necessarily have to use a very long lens at these locations. Wider shots can also be effective. The solitary heron, if it is a heron, makes the shot.

Noelcmn has a fine lighthouse for us to enjoy, and again is going to be heading for a nature reserve. It's a sound idea and there's plenty of photographic potential. A good choice and a well constructed image.

There are some fine ideas of places we'd like to be, but now a winner has to be found, based on not just location but the photographic skill involved.

So, the winner is MHOL190246, who successfully convices me to head for Tobermory.

Second is tyronet2000, we'll be ahappy to join him a sit there watching the sun go down.

Third is JAK, happy at home, and who wouldn't be when all the action comes to him and he doesn't need to move.

Finally, special mentions to Noelcmn, davejenny and Mr Mellow.

Than you all who entered, I've really enjoyed your images, and it's now over to MHOL190246!


Link Posted 22/06/2020 - 07:40
Congratulations to the Winner and thank you for awarding me 2nd place. Well done to the other placings and all who entered. Thanks to John for the interesting subject which attracted so many entries.



Link Posted 22/06/2020 - 14:41
A worthy winner.
This was my first ever competition entry, but I think I'll keep a look out and see whether I can enter a few more going forwards. I'm just worried about the pressure of judging if I'm lucky enough to win one week! That was a comprehensive judging and commentary, and all within half hour of the deadline.


Link Posted 22/06/2020 - 19:24
Agreed, a worthy winner. A fantastic shot, superb composition. Congrats MHOL190246. And extended to the other podium places Tyronet2000 and JAK and my fellow HC's davejenny and Mr Mellow. And a hearty thanks t our host and judge for a timely themed challenge to help us keep hope alive for future travels and a good dose of wanderlust. I am honored to be an HC.
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