Weekly #668 - A Splash of Colour Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 17/05/2020
Judge: GlynM

I think, like a lot of others, I am getting quite depressed by still being stuck in lock-down, particularly as we moved house last year to be close to our grandchildren, and I need cheering up.

So this competition subject is “A Splash of Colour”, which those with long memories might remember that I have done before. However in the current circumstances I think it is worth having another go.

I want to see images that use colour to create some impact but all interpretations will be welcome and I look forward with some anticipation to seeing your entries.

The usual weekly competition rules apply. Entries can be shot for the competition or taken from your archives. It must though be shot using a Pentax camera or their closely related clones.

The winner is expected to set, comment on and judge the next competition.

The competition closes at midnight BST on Sunday, 17th May. Good luck and I look forward, with anticipation, to seeing your entries.

Competition Entries


Link Posted 18/05/2020 - 00:20
Many thanks to all of you that entered this competition. It was great to see such a nice and bright collection of individually unique interpretations. In these strange times it has certainly been inspiring, fun and a privilege to review your work.

Chorister – Perspicador
We start off this competition with a nice image of a robin who, as hinted by the title, is probably in full voice. There is a nice collection of sharp details in the bird’s chest, eye, beak and feet although the depth of field is fairly tight. While this helps to provide a fantastic soft background I think I would have liked to have seen the bird’s tail just a bit sharper. The image certainly though provides a grand splash of colour to start us off.

Cherry Ripe – JAK
When we moved house this time last year we found that we had inherited a cherry tree so it was nice to see this image particularly that it was shot with one of my most used and favourite lenses. I think the lighting and colours work really well. The subject and the close leaves are sharp although I do find the very soft leaves at the top left just a little disturbing. I do though love that we see the head and feelers of a little bug or fly peeping over a leaf.

Rainbow Falls - Routin Linn – tyronet2000
I have a feeling I have seen Stan display this effect before but it certainly works really well for this competition combining a collection of strong rainbow colours with a splashing waterfall. I guess it probably involved some manipulation in post-production but I have no idea how it was achieved. A terrific image. Well done.

Could it be any more red? – johnriley
John has provided a great image of a small Welsh bright red letterbox set in a stone wall . The red colouring radiates in bright sunlight which also adds some nice shadows that help to raise the level of detail. The image certainly has knock-out impact and works very well for this competition.

Peony – PRYorkshire
I think this is great piece of colour popping making a fantastic splash of red against a black & white background. Composition wise it is perhaps a little bit centric with the subject bang slap in the middle of the shot and perhaps I would have just moved the flower up a little bit. The image also displays some of the problems I also have when shooting bright red flowers with a digital camera resulting in some strange saturation effects which I would love to know how to avoid or fix. However the picture certainly has impact and therefore stands out and was great to see in this competition.

A Splash of Colour – Nigelk
A nice well observed, crafted and probably opportunistic shot. I think the composition works well and the image certainly complies with the competition subject requirements on two fronts. I love that we see interesting structure with separated jets of water. The exif suggests it was shot with a really long lens which was possibly quite a challenge and therefore demonstrates an excellent level of skill.

Painting with light "The Clown" – vic cross
I know that Vic had a lot of trouble getting this image posted up into the competition and I was pleased to see that he succeeded. I think it is a great shot. From my failed experience of trying to shoot painting with light I think this image displays some considerable skill and certainly required good manual control of the camera. An excellent well thought out and executed image.

Girl in a floral dress – SteveF
I like this image a lot. I am impressed that it was probably an opportunistic shot using a little Pentax Q and then that its artistic level could be raised with a great bit of colour popping. The composition works well but perhaps the blacks could be a bit darker but for me it remains a brilliant well-observed, crafted and manipulated image.

Wildlowers – MHOL190246
I love seeing and having a go at abstract shots so I think this is an example of a fantastic abstract creation that certainly provides a terrific splash of colour. I have no experience of using this lens. The fast shutter speed suggests that it must have been using a special attribute of this lens or post production manipulation rather than a shift of zoom effect but however it was done it is a brilliant image and I would certainly give it wall space.

Alnwick Rose – Johnwnjr
This image certainly does provide great cheer as suggested. It is described as being “simply snapped” but I think it certainly has been very well done. The subject has pin-sharp details set against a nice soft but patterned backdrop. The lighting also works well again with the darker background. So I think some great observational and craft skills are being demonstrated here. I love it.

Is it the Virus? – Noelcmn
Noel I don’t know how your country is coping with this current pandemic but here, with both my wife & I having some pre-existing health issues, we remain in lock-down. So it was great to see your image which certainly made me laugh . My engineering background also makes me pleased to see the process of thought, planning, method and execution that I think must have been used to create your very topical and well-crafted fun image. Fantastic, well done.

Street procession – retsoor
As well as being a great colourful shot I also thought that because it depicts an activity that it will a while before something like it could happen again that it was very topical. It is nicely composed, the verticals are well managed and I love the diagonal aspect of the front row of people. It is certainly a great image to see in these strange times.

Emerging Crocuses – snakey
Wow, an impressive lot of crocuses here are used to create what I think is quite an interesting image that I feel certainly can be described as being an excellent attempt at an abstract. A shallow depth of field is used to create a narrow strip of sharp focus to reveal that these flowers are in their prime and provide context for the softer areas of the shot. The colours certainly work really well with the flowers being complimented by their green leaves. While I think it is a clever and interesting approach I am not sure it completely works for me. I think I would preferred to have moved the focus point a little closer to the bottom of the image to make the gradient of softness travel in one direction. However I am sure it certainly creates a fantastic thought provoking and discussion-point image. A great picture to close this competition.

While I like to set subjects that are open to a broad interpretation in the hope that it will attract a good number of entries it does though make it much harder to choose the winners. All of the entries have excellent attributes so my judging becomes mainly subjective, more my personal taste. So after some careful consideration this is it:

1st – MHOL190246 for “Wildlowers” – Because I love that it is such a fantastic abstract which certainly provides a grand splash of colour.

2nd – tyronet2000 for “Rainbow Falls - Routin Linn” – For a brilliantly crafted image that is undoubtedly a fantastic splash of colour.

3rd – vic cross for “Painting with light "The Clown" ” – Because I was impressed in the craft skills that I felt were displayed by this image.

Highly Commended, in no particular order, to:
SteveF for Girl in a floral dress
Johnwnjr for Alnwick Rose
Noelcmn for Is it the Virus? (Which made me laugh)

I think this completes my responsibilities here and hand over to Michael for the next round.



Link Posted 18/05/2020 - 07:30
Congratulations to the Winner and other Placings. Not an easy competition to judge. Thanks to Glyn for awarding me the coveted 2nd place. Well done all who entered.


vic cross

Link Posted 18/05/2020 - 10:14
Congrats to all who entered. A great selection. I reckon Glyn had a hard job this week. Thanks for the 3rd. spot Glyn. So what's next I wonder?.
Come on Michael give us a challenge.
Born again biker with lots of Pentax bits. Every day I wake up is a good day. I'm so old I don't even buy green bananas.
Last Edited by vic cross on 18/05/2020 - 10:16
Link Posted 18/05/2020 - 14:06
Thanks Glyn for a cheerful competition and the judging and comments. Congratulations to MHOL190246, a great photo - a nice one to hang on the wall. Well done to the tyronet, Vic ant the Hc's.


Link Posted 18/05/2020 - 16:59
Thanks for the HC, Glyn


Link Posted 18/05/2020 - 19:01
Congrats MHOL190246, certainly a delightful image, fantastic colors and a bonus zoom burst! Agreed with the sentiments here- one for the wall! Congrats to Tyronet2000 and vic cross, and my fellow HC's SteveF and johnwnjr. Awesome challenge, thanks to our judge for that and the C&C's, always appreciated. And for my HC. I'm chuffed, as it does not have as much of a color palette as all the other images here!
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