Monthly #83 - Materials both Light AND Dark Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 31/05/2019
Judge: user_removed

You need to find a material (or similar pair) that is both Light and Dark coloured at the same time. Black and white is the obvious colour combination and commonly found in the animal kingdom: cats, dogs, cows, magpies, zebras, etc.

You are not restricted to black & white, it needs to contain (at least) two colours that differ strongly in tone. It does not need to be a single item.

By material, I am thinking anything with a discernible texture, such as animal fur or a fabric. I wish to exclude things that are both flat and shiny (like linoleum or glazed tiles) or very shiny (snooker balls). Also excluded is using heavy shadow to create a dark area in a single material.

The material does not need to be the sole feature of the image, but it should have a strong presence; ie. it does not need to be an extreme close-up, however the challenge is to retain texture in both the light and dark areas.

(It would be kind of the more practiced photographers if they included a few words on how they realized their entry, for the benefit of the less advanced).

If you feel you have a question, this link leads to a thread where you can ask. I am restricted in how I can answer there (the convention is for the judge not to post once the first entry has been submitted), so if in doubt, ask early.

Standard 'Monthly Competition' rules apply:
Pictures must be taken with a Pentax camera or closely-related clone.
The winner is expected to select the following month's topic and judge the competition, giving comment on each entry.
---- Entries must be taken within the month of May 2019. ----

The competition closes at midnight UK time, 31st May.
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/06/2019 - 19:29
Thanks for another win.

I could have cropped more, it's always a tricky choice, and I liked that little tuft. The full size image ( does show more detail.


Link Posted 02/06/2019 - 10:36
Light and Dark
' I'm afraid that the conversion to black and white is one step beyond the spirit of the competition, which was to capture the contrast. This, I feel, (for want of a better word) misrepresents that.'

To me this suggests that you consider I was cheating. Nowhere in your long preamble of do's and don'ts did it state that a mono conversion was not allowed. I took this as a technical exercise to create an image with detail in both dark and light areas. How it was achieved was irrelevant. If I had wanted to cheat would I have explained in detail how the image was produced? It may have been a dull and uninteresting image but it was produced with the best of intentions.


Link Posted 02/06/2019 - 19:13
Congrats mikeprotts, fine winning image, worthy winner imho. Love the different shades on that one. And extended to gibis and Nigelk. Tough challenge this one, still with some wonderful images to judge. Thanks for the judging exercise and the comments and critiques Abe_Normal, as usual much appreciated. I do have a problem with the camera's date settings. Every time I change batteries, the date reverts to who knows what. Sometimes back to 2012 and other times a random date. Have tried to have it fixed, but no such luck. So probably an error on my part, usually done in haste as I reset the dates and time. or maybe i'm just stuck in 2018 still
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