Monthly #79 - A Standard Lens Photograph. Competition

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Closing Date: 31/01/2019
Judge: JAK

Given the run on DFA 50mm F1.4's on Black Friday and at the January sale prices recently it appears quite a few succumbed and have now purchased one. Yet others are quite content to use what they have and were not tempted. So this month's competition is to use either that new 50mm lens or your 'oldie' 50mm standard lens.
Back in film days that would quite likely be the standard lens that was supplied with your camera and everything was simple then, but with digital it all changed. So for formats other than the K-1's 'full frame' (24x36mm) I'll accept either an image taken with a prime 50mm (or 55mm) standard lens or any lens giving the equivalent field of view (FOV) to a 50mm on full frame. For example a 35m lens on APS-C gives a FOV close to 50mm on full frame; as does a 75mm lens on a 645D/Z; and a 9mm on a Pentax Q or MX-1. If you only have zooms set the focal length to give its equivalent FOV to 50mm on full frame based on the above. Hope that doesn't sound too technical; if you're not sure please ask and I'm sure someone will explain!

Choose your subject matter to show off the potential of your lens. It's really the picture that matters, not the lens it was taken with.

Once you've uploaded your image please either edit the entry to show the lens used (it doesn't get picked up directly from the exif automatically so you have to add it in yourself, but most lenses are in the database.) If that fails just state it in the comments.

Just to point out (as usual) the image has to be shot on a Pentax or related camera this month, January 2019 (not before) and uploaded by midnight Thursday 31st January GMT when the competition closes. The prize for the winner is to set up and judge next month's competition.

So will the winning image come from that shiny new DFA or from a 50 year old M42 standard lens or something else? Good luck with your entry.
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