Monthly #123 - Leading Lines Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 30/09/2022
Judge: Nigelk

For Septembers monthly competition I'd like to see your photographs making good use of leading lines. Lines that lead the viewers eyes into your composition and or to give a sense of depth in your image, they can also give a great sense of perspective often to good dramatic effect. Seascape, cityscape or landscape, the subject can be anything where the leading lines are an important part of your composition.

Your image must be taken this month, September 2022
Your image must be captured with a Pentax camera or accepted clone.

I hope you enjoy looking for and capturing your best leading line shot of September.
I very much look forward to seeing your entries.
Best to all
Competition Entries


Link Posted 01/10/2022 - 11:07
Morning All,
Thank you all for keeping your eyes open for this month's "Leading Lines" competition.
I'm so undecided on picking the winner and podium places, perhaps the decision will become easier as I write my few notes.

The Cage by Newbiek50user
Very strong opening image. A Bulls eye shot and quite rightly, I think. Putting the Cage in the centre of the frame with the cloud mirroring the ridge below it. The worn path all goes to make a strong contender.

The Recession of Walls by johnriley
It all leads to Sue! Great set up making good use of leading lines, recession, the model well placed within. Loving those colours .

Leading Lines by Sueriley,
Sue when she finds time from her modeling career is clearly pretty handy with a camera.
The fence handrail used to good effect, the righthand giving depth, all leading to the subject, the gull. A nicely defused background.

Maize Lines by MikeInDevon
Liking the subtle lay of the land highlighted by the maize lines leading the eyes to a more pastural and tree clad background. Good use of that foreground.

Empty Beach by Davidwozhere
A good sense of space and depth. The sea wall taking our eyes past the groins and onto the houses reinforced on the other side of the image by the triangle of sea.

Lines Leading to Hungerford by RayW
This is all about those railway tracks. Seeing those tracks receding into the distance taking my eyes rapidly through the image. It actually gives me the feeling /sense of speed.

Matlock Bridge by PRYorkshire
Strong geometric composition dividing the scene into three triangles. A good use of the bridge.
For myself, as the people are in the image, I would have liked a bit more made of them, a little bit of localized brightening and contrast maybe. Another strong image.

Old Railway Track by johnwnjr
It's great when some of the old railway lines are open as footpaths, we have a few in our area.
What strikes me first with this image is the diagonal split of the image due to the angle and your position when capturing this image. Powerful geometry, it also provides that strong contrast between the tarmac one half and the trees and bushes the other.

Sheringham Park by mr.mellow
An area i know quite well and recognise.
A more subtle use of the landscape but, the trees, hedges and cloud still working to take my eyes into the far distance and that glimpse of the sea.

Garden Lines by Noelcmn
Leading lines/perspective and a story. Having the man working at the end of the line really adds interest and acts as a visual full stop. One thing that does detract from the image for me is that the top third of the image is blown highlights. The sky could do with darkening down and or most could be cropped because this image is all in the bottom two thirds. I like the image and it does have interest.

Repurposed Roman Road by drofmit
Head on down the highway! I'm glad you included the whole of the closest telegraph as they add to the three dimensionality of the image as this road carves its way through an otherwise quite flat and featureless landscape.

Now, has that helped me choose, not really......okay here goes.....

1st Place MikeInDevon, Maize Lines
2nd Place johnriley, The Recession of Walls
3rd Place newbiek50user, The Cage
I'm happy to give HC's to the other entries.

Thank you all for taking part
Best to all


Link Posted 01/10/2022 - 22:02
Hi Nigel, many thanks for the win, I didn't expect that! I'll have to have a good think for October's competition.

My best regards to you all!


Link Posted 02/10/2022 - 13:23
A great subject, thanks for the second place! Well done everyone, some fantastic leading lines!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 02/10/2022 - 22:08
Hi, Nigel, I've only just got round to checking results and I'm surprised but delighted with a third place. Thank you.
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