Monthly #116 - Landscape in Black and White Competition

Competition Details
Closing Date: 28/02/2022
Judge: Nigelk

I've been working on a couple of B&W images so I'm in the mono mood.
I'd love to see what you can capture this month, February 2022 in the way of Black and White landscapes. Happy if the B&W is captured in camera or converted in post processing.
The usual Monthly competition rules apply:-
The images must be captured this month, February 2022
The images must be captured using a Pentax camera or accepted clone.
The winner as judged by myself is expected to set and judge next months competition.
Good luck all, I very much look forward to viewing your black and white Landscape images
Competition Entries


Link Posted 04/03/2022 - 10:58
Morning All,
Sorry for the delay in judging. I had nearly finished my write up yesterday, pushed the wrong button and lost it all. So, take two this morning.

Mesolonghi lagoon by ConDaoultzis
Not a mirror image but the cloud does echo the shape of the brake water. Not many people would have noticed is my guess.

Desolate moor by peterf
Quite strong processing has given grain to the sky, for me it just adds to the atmosphere of the image, the subtle lines in the foreground lead my eyes into the image. I like the portrait orientation and the 50/50 split

Snowdrops by Perspicador
Right in the season for many of us, just enough environment to the side of the snowdrops to be what I would call an intimate landscape.

Three Bridges by Newbiek50user
Three totally different bridges in one location, quite a thing. Lots of estuary mud in the foreground showing the environment that requires the bridges.

The tree with the wild bees' by davidwozhere
The title gives us extra information. The image for me is all about the shapes and patterns of the trees, a gap showing the continuing landscape beyond.

Confluence of Methow and Chewuch Rivers by jrutle
Classic landscape well done. Framed on the right by the tree, the river on the left taking my eye into the image, through the trees and to the snow capped mountain.

View looking north from Uffington Castle by RayW
I like the use of part of the hill fort ground works to form the foreground interest, my eyes then free to roam over the rest of the landscape. Nice use of a letterbox format, works well.

The Path by the River by johnwjnr
Quite a tight composition but, it gives us all the information of what we can expect if we walked in what is clearly a lovely location.

Waterfall in Lathkill Dale by jofford
Another tight composition, I'm enjoying the contrast between the water and the dark and rocky surroundings. The choice of shutter speed keeping the energy and movement of the water.

Torridon by R o b
Dark and brooding. Catchlights on the foreground, the winding road taking me into the landscape to the water and the hills beyond, a lovely vantage point.

Monoculture by drofmit
Such a shame the hedges have gone. A gentle rolling landscape that surely would be enlivened with some hedges following the gentle contours. Another good use of a letterbox crop. The trees on the right, the farm on the left giving a balance.

Thank you all for your entries as usual a lovely variety of compositions and processing on display.

1st Place jrutle
2nd Place peterf
3rd Place RayW
Well done to everyone else.
Keep shooting!


Link Posted 04/03/2022 - 23:53
Well done to the podiums and thank you Nigel - (glad I wasn't judging these - they all have aspects to commend them).
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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