Monthly #101 - Effects of the Pandemic Competition

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Closing Date: 30/11/2020
Judge: jrutle

While to the best of my knowledge Pentax is not in the electron microscopic market to allow one to capture the virus itself, the effects of the virus are all around us as we enter a autumn /winter surge. Last March when the virus emerged in Washington state, I was asked by a museum to send pictures of "virus signage" for their collection to be combined with those from the 1918 pandemic and the polio era. If only I had known, there would not be a museum large enough to hold the world's signs, I might have been less enthusiastic in a quest to find signs of the times. What personnel or community pandemic story can you share with us through your photograph ? Will that story be transmissible to future generations? We will close out 30 November at 2359 GMT. Joe

Just a reminder that images for the November 2020 Monthly Competition should have been shot in November 2020. Any out of time images are automatically removed. - edit by JR
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Link Posted 06/11/2020 - 09:28
How do you show something that isn' happening? I had to show a War Memorial with no poppies - in November! Well, my photo has been removed, so that's put paid to November's competition. Would you mind giving us a competition that I am allowed to enter? I have tried to obtain Plus Membership to see if that affords me any opportunities, but no one here has got their act together, so I remain excluded. I do not even WANT to win this competition, but I do like to participate. Feeling rubbish because this IS rubbish.
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Link Posted 26/11/2020 - 15:55
In the monthly competitions images should be shot in that month. Out of date images are always removed. So this competition needs images shot in November 2020.

The weekly competition can be from our archives or new as we wish.
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