Winter Macro Subjects And Tips

Here are some ideas and inspiration for macro subjects to shoot during winter.

16/01/2014 - 14:00

Image by Emma Kay 
Winter can provide some great macro photography subjects for you to shoot with your Pentax camera. Here are some subject ideas and tips: 

Equipment - For macro photography you'll get the best results with a dedicated macro lens, such as the 35mm f/2.8 Macro Limited, but macro shots are also possible to an extent with other types of lenses. A tripod might be necessary to keep your shot steady, depending on lighting conditions.

Icicles - When it's really cold, icicles could form on your shed, car or even fences and the washing line, all of which are at a reasonably accessible height for getting up close with. If there are several in a row, use a large aperture to highlight one and nicely blur the background. If the sun's out and they sparkle, you could get some lovely bokeh, too. 

Frost - Often at this time of year, jack frost will have paid you a visit in the morning. Get up a little earlier and have a look at your windscreen before you scrape it. If you're lucky, you might have some swirly, frond like patterns there which can make beautiful macro shots. Take care with your white balance to make sure that your white frost doesn't appear blue.

Snowflakes - When snow is falling, it can be a little tricky to get good macro shots as everything is constantly changing. But, when it's stopped snowing, take a minute to look on top of your fences and benches for patches of snow that you can shoot close up, capturing the delicate, fluffy look of the substance.

Forest macros - Forests are a great place to head in the winter for some macro shots. Frozen puddles, frosty frozen leaves, tree trunks and fungus galore await you. Take care to compose your shot well though, as backgrounds can look a little busy if you're not careful. Experiment with your depth of field and positioning until you find something that works for you. 

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