The Price Of Pentax Cameras

Pentax Camera Prices From 1995

08/06/2012 - 08:00

Having a clearout I came across an old sales brochure from October 1995, it got me thinking how much we pay for cameras today, compared to some 15-20 years ago. We seem to think some cameras are expensive, such as buying your first Digital SLR. Yet prices for compact cameras have dropped dramatically, with Digital SLR prices matching those of film SLRs from years before, while features and specifications have improved dramatically. Here are a selection of some of the products listed in the catalogue.

Listed here are prices for the following cameras: (Today's equivalent prices shown in brackets)
  • Pentax Epsio 140 Date, £379 (£591)
  • Pentax Espio 110 Date, £289 (£450)
  • Pentax Espio 928, £269 (£419)
  • Pentax Epsio 928 Date, £299 (£466)
  • Pentax SZ-70 SLR body only, £310 (£483)
  • Pentax Z-70 SLR + SMC 28-80mm FA Power Zoome lens, £429 (£669)

Pentax Prices October 1995

Further back, here's what some of the Pentax accessories would have cost you:
  • Pentax Infra Red Remote Control System Set, £279 (£435)
  • Pentax Digital Spotmeter, £599 (£934)
  • Pentax Spotmeter V with Case, £459 (£719)
  • Pentax Auto Bellows A Set, £369 (£575)
  • Pentax AF 160SA Fixed Flash Head, £49 (£76)
  • Pentax AF 200SA Fixed Flash Head, £89 (£138)
  • Pentax AF 280T TTL Flash gun, Swivel and Bounce, £159 (£248)
  • Pentax AF 400T TTL Flash gun set, Swivel and Bounce, £469 (£731)
  • Pentax AF 500FTZ TTL Swivel, Bounce and Zoom Head, £359 (£560)
  • Pentax Data Back Fe for Z10, Z50P, Z20, £99 (£154)
  • Pentax Data Back Fd for Z1P, Z1, £179 (£279)
If we look at the most expensive item here, the Pentax Digital Spotmeter priced at £599 in October 1995, this would be £934 in today's money. Looking on-line it's available today for £690 to £788.

Pentax K-r
If we look at the price of Pentax SZ-70 SLR body only, for £310 in 1995, this would be £483 in today's money, which goes to show that today's cameras offer impressive value for money as well as vastly improved features, for example, you could easily afford the entry level Pentax K-r with kit lens for £429, leaving £54 to spend on a memory card and/or case.

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Link Posted 17/06/2012 - 12:00
Funny how a Dixon's typo in 1995 (SZ-70) has carried over to this interesting article. Zoome...?

Interesting stuff though.

Kris Lockyear
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Link Posted 18/06/2012 - 23:25
Great to see my old MZ30 and I use this and the MV too I love my vintage cameras, they work perfectly I hadn't realised how much they cost originally, nice to see the old adverts too. Best wishes Trixie
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