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Pentax User Archive: Pentax Auto 110

We take a look back to October 1978 when the Pentax Auto 110 was released.

Posted: 30/12/2011 - 00:00

Pentax Auto 110

New Pentax Auto 110 - October 1978

The Asahi Optical designers have already established an enviable reputation for packing the most sophisticated electronics into compact sized cameras like the Pentax ME and MX models now selling in thousands throughout the World.

Now they have gone one step further with a masterpiece of design engineering that represents one more step in the Pentax success story – a 110 format SLR camera that can truly be called the World's smallest, lightest single lens reflex camera with interchangeable lens facility.

This new camera is the Pentax Auto 110 – a fully automatic 110 format SLR camera designed to the same high standards as the 35mm format cameras from Asahi.

Fully pocketable with the standard lens attached, the new SLR combines the compactness and easy cartridge loading features of the 110 film format with many of the systems advantages and the versatility of the latest 35mm SLRs. Highly sophisticated both electronically and mechanically, the Auto 110 has a large, bright viewfinder, features centre-weighted, thru-the-lens metering at open aperture and also offers a precision bayonet mount.

A variety of systems accessories are available for the Auto 110 including a battery-powered winder, auto flash unit, high-resolution interchangeable lenses, close-up attachment lenses, filters, lens hoods and other special purpose attachments.

The fully programmed automatic exposure system of the Auto 110 selects both the shutter speed and aperture in accordance with lighting conditions. Shutter speeds vary continuously from 1/750 to 1 second, while EVs range from 3-17 (ASA 100 with the Pentax-110 24mm f/2.8 standard lens). Aperture selection with the Auto 110 Is via an automatic diaphragm built into the camera which works in place of individual lens apertures. The built-in, behind-the-lens diaphragm closes down to shooting aperture in synchronisation with the programmed shutter. Apertures range from f/13.5 at 1/750 sec to f/2.8 at 1 sec.

Also like the full-size 35mm cameras, the Pentax Auto 110 offers both wide-angle and telephoto lenses to extend its capabilities. The precision bayonet mount enables quick lens change and has a shutter lock feature which prevents tripping of the shutter when lenses are detached. Close-up lenses are also available in varied sizes; while individual UV and skylight filters are available for both the standard and wide-angle lenses.

The 110 Winder unit which attached to the base of the camera in seconds features a built-in grip to facilitate handling. Powered by two AA-size penlight batteries, the handy winder has its own power switch and advances the film a frame at a time following shutter release.

For flash photography, the compact AF 130P is available which may be quickly attached of left on the camera for shooting in low-light situations. The flash attached via a special contact on top of the camera and automatically synchronises at 1/30 sec with the programmed shutter at f/2.8.

Additional accessories for the Auto 110 include individual soft cases for the camera, winder, auto flash unit, lenses and other accessories and also a set case which houses the camera along with accessories. Individual lens hoods, lens caps, body cap and a special tripod adaptor are also available as well as eyesight correction lenses.

New Pentax Auto 110 Article

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