In Conversation With Pentax Ambassadors

We had a quick chat with Photographers and Pentax Ambassadors, Matt Emmett and Bill Ward.

14/11/2017 - 08:09

Dye House Greenery © Matt Emmett

Photographers and Pentax Ambassadors, Matt Emmett and Bill Ward are enthusiastic users of both the K-1 and KP digital SLRs and we caught up with both photographers to learn a little more about them and to share some of the images they've taken.

Matt Emmett is a multi-award-winning photographer and Pentax Ambassador, who has a passion for exploring and photographing some of Europe's most at risk architectural heritage. He shoots the majority of his work in abandoned places including man-made structures, and has photographed in locations as diverse as church chapels, power stations, bath-houses, villas and cooling towers.

Commenting on his passion photography and Pentax, Matt Emmett said: "I have been working with Ricoh Imaging for the last 3 years and in that time I have worked with several of their cameras as well as numerous lenses. The gear Pentax produces continually impresses me; in terms of image quality, ergonomics, ease of use and build. I shoot architectural subjects predominantly in live-view and the preview screen is one of the clearest and brightest around, achieving precision focus is so easy. My camera has been taken deep inside caves systems and into the damp and dirty interiors of abandoned buildings and never once have I had any problems. When the gear is this good, it gives me no reason to look elsewhere." 

Halnaker Holloway
Halnaker Holloway © Matt Emmett

Bill Ward is a British actor and photographer, born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. As a photographer, Bill is essentially self-taught, and has been taking photographs since the age of 6.  Constantly in search of peace and quiet, his photography is a response, and in many ways, an antidote to the time he spends as an actor working in the public eye.  He is specifically drawn to water, and has a strong interest in history.

Two locations Bill has recently visted with his K-1 and the D FA 24-70mm lens as well as the KP and DA 12-24mm lens include Raudasandur and the Strandir Coast.

Raudasandur © Bill Ward

"I spent an impossibly beautiful morning at Raudasandur (literally "Red Sand") in the remote Westfjords in the far north west of Iceland. Perfect stillness. Not a breath of wind," said Bill. 

Strandir Coast
Strandir Coast © Bill Ward

"Another early morning but this time, I was on the Strandir Coast, the eastern seaboard of Iceland's remote Westfjords. This image was taken on the last day of our trip," commented Bill. 

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Link Posted 06/12/2017 - 15:06
Great work and fantastic locations. Only ever saw Iceland from offshore. Would love a holiday there but it will never happen but I can look at fantastic images like these.



Link Posted 31/12/2017 - 12:13
Amazing interview, I just love it.


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Link Posted 31/01/2018 - 06:54
This are breath taking locations and pictures. Keep up the work.
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Thanks for the interesting interview.

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