Five Autumn Photo Ideas

There are lots of things to get out and shoot in Autumn. Here's a round up of just some of them.

26/10/2012 - 00:00

Despite the fact that the nights are drawing in, there are still loads of things to get out and shoot with your Pentax camera. Here are a few ideas.

Frosty Leaves

Frosty subjects
- If you get out early enough in the morning, you will be able to catch some great shots of frosty subjects. Things like leaves will make great macro shots covered in frost. Early morning light also enables you to get some great shadowing from to sun on a bright day.

Puddles/ still lakes and ponds – Still water can make for some beautiful reflection shots, especially if the water is in woodland. You can really make the most of the autumnal colours by utilising them in reflections too. Water will also make great shots if frozen, or with leaves floating or frozen inside. Be careful if you're walking around on ice, though!

Low winter sun – The low winter sun at this time of year can cast some really nice long shadows on your subjects. Sunsets at this time of year can also make for some great shots, if you can get a clear day.

Winter wildlife – There are some great opportunities to photograph wildlife in the winter, especially birds such as robins and, if you're lucky enough, rabbits, foxes and even deer can be photographed. Remember to wrap up warm if you are staking out waiting for wildlife, and consider investing in some sort of small shelter if you are serious about wildlife photography. Things like squirrels will also be a lot easier to see in the trees when the leaves begin to fall.


– At this time of year there is a lot happening. There's Halloween, which could merit some spooky style photography if the weather is right, and then bonfire night, which is a not to be missed opportunity to practise your firework capturing skills. Of course then we are on the run up to Christmas, and if you get the chance, it is well worth going to your local market, as some great festive shots can be taken here.

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