Colour Popping in Photoshop

Make your images 'pop' with a selective colour technique in Photoshop.

28/04/2011 - 10:34


Colour image


Duplicate your layer

Open up your image in Photoshop and duplicate your layer by going to Layer>Duplicate Layer or by dragging your original layer over the new layer icon.


Black & WhiteBlack & White

Click on the black & white circle that's at the bottom of the layers palette and select black & white. We've created an adjustment layer as you can go back in and adjust the layer at any point and it allows us to bring some of the colour back into the image in a none-destructive way.

So, when the adjustment panel opens, adjust the sliders until you're happy with how the image looks.




Black & White


Paint Colour

Paintbrush toolSelect the Paintbrush Tool, check that the foreground colour is set to black and begin painting over the parts of the image you want the colour to be in. If you accidentally go into part of the image that should be black & white, switch the foreground colour to white and paint back over it. You may need to zoom into parts of the image with the magnifying tool and adjust reduce the size of the brush when you get to the edges.




Finished image:

Selective colour


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Select the Paintbrush Tool, make sure the foreground colour wordle is set to black and paint over the area of the image you want to make 'pop' with colour. Painting with black will bring colour back into the image but if you paint too much in just change the foreground colour to white and paint back over the area.


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There are a lot of ways to add colour to your photos and videos without having to use Photoshop. You can use software like Camera+, Adobe Photoshop, or even a digital camera to take photos snake io and videos with coloured filters. You can also use software to create graphics or illustrations with coloured filters.


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Color popping in Photoshop is a popular technique drive mad used to make a specific color stand out in a photograph while the rest of the image is converted to black and white. This technique can add a dramatic effect to a photo and draw the viewer's attention to a specific subject.


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You can make your images pop and create a more dramatic effect by selectively desaturating some fnf colors and bringing back others.


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The technique of choosing colors in Photoshop also requires people with high skills and good expertise so that the product has a beautiful overall look and does not need to spend time fleeing the complex.


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Color popping, or selective colorization, is a technique in Photoshop to highlight specific colors while desaturating the rest of an image. It involves duplicating the image, desaturating the duplicate, adding a layer mask, and selectively painting with white to reveal the original colors and Lomilomi massage. Adjustments like opacity and adjustment layers can enhance the effect. Use it purposefully and tastefully for attention-grabbing visuals.


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Color popping in Photoshop selectively highlights specific colors while desaturating the rest of the image. Duplicate the image, desaturate the duplicate, and add a layer mask. Use the brush tool to reveal original colors in desired areas. Adjust opacity and apply adjustment layers for enhancement. Use this technique purposefully and tastefully, considering overall composition and balance. Practice for captivating results which is majors similar to nursing.


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