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Pentax Release New Lens Wraps & Mugs (In Japan)

Over in Japan, Pentax has a couple of new lens wraps and commemorative mugs.

31/07/2019 | Posted in News

Ricoh Theta Selfie & 360-Degree Photography Sticks

Ricoh has announced that it will release the Ricoh Theta Stick TM-2 and Ricoh Theta Stick TM-3, s...

31/07/2019 | Posted in News

Pentax KP IR Announced In Japan But You Can't Buy One

Pentax has created a KP which supports both infrared capture and everyday photography.

31/07/2019 | Posted in News

Ricoh Updates 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED Fisheye Lens With New Coatings & Design

The Pentax 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 fisheye lens has had an update, adding new coatings and a more moder...

09/07/2019 | Posted in News

Pentax KP Now £699 On Amazon UK

Amazon has reduced the price of the Pentax KP DSLR.

28/06/2019 | Posted in News

SMC Pentax-M 75-150mm f/4 Zoom Review

John Riley reviews the SMC Pentax-M 75-150mm f/4 Zoom vintage Pentax K mount lens, with the full-...

25/06/2019 | Posted in Reviews

30% Off Picfair Plus - Sell Your Photos Easily!

Picfair is offering an exclusive 30% discount on their Plus photo store and marketplace.

17/06/2019 | Posted in News

Save 10% On Camera Insurance With Eversure Insurance

Eversure Insurance is offering Pentax User members the chance to save 10% on camera insurance pol...

06/06/2019 | Posted in News

Pentax Focus On DSLRs - No Mirrorless Camera Planned

Ricoh Pentax focus on DSLRs, and Medium Format, with no plans to release a mirrorless camera.

20/05/2019 | Posted in News

Save Money On K-S2 Kit With 18-50mm Lens

Save money on a K-S2 and 18-50mm lens kit!

26/04/2019 | Posted in News
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